Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Saw a Golden Whistler

I never really thought of myself as a "birder" but I guess I must be a bit inclined that way. My wife and I often call each other to the window to see some beautiful bird or another and we have been known to walk in the forest with the express view to see a lyrebird or the like and I bought her a bird-watchers journal, we do have reference books for the purpose of identifying birds and we do have binoculars (or bins as I believe they are called by dedicated birder-watchers) which we use to see and identify birds (as well as for stargazing) - so there you go. I'll admit to having birder tendencies. I am not however a "twitcher" - for one I couldn't afford it. If you are at all interested in twitching I recommend you read "The Big Twitch" by Sean Dooley - it is a most entertaining read as well as a great introduction into the fascinating world of bird-watching. It's also a bit of a travelogue. It's also bloody funny! I recommend it. That is all.

This evening we saw a Golden Whistler, a beautiful bird that I had not seen before although my wife has a few times. It even stayed around long enough for me to capture it with my G5 (yes...the digital...I would have liked to have captured it on film but it was more convenient, I hate to admit it, to simply power up the digital camera)


Blogger Amy said...

Great shot! I might have to check out that book.
I never considered myself a birder either, but since moving to Melbourne, I have constantly been spotting and discovering new-to-me birds and looking them up in bird books. I even recognize some of their calls now, while I'm walking along country roads.

31/3/06 18:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

really a great shot my friend i only jump in your blogworld and i see you are well . thats great to know take care and all the best .
your gregor (gres2000 from RR)

3/4/06 19:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some amazing images here. Thought you might like to see.

Maia :-)

13/6/06 17:04  

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