Saturday, January 07, 2006

Favourites (as chosen by others) on Flickr

Hosier Lane - No ParkSilhouetteSnorkel GrrrlsStreaming LightRoller Door Face
Shopping BeachEgg Yolk Yellow DucoWeird ElfElwood Beach New Year's Eve 2005Hosier Lane -
New ToyBig Blue EyesBeach GirlWhirlyRacing the sun
Brass DudesFlagMistyGnarly BranchesMiniportrait Parts

Above is the top 20 favourite photographs of mine uploaded to flickr in 2005 as chosen by other flickr members. Cheers to Ben, Meg and Amy who noticed I actually came back to write something and thanks to all of you who looked at my images, photoblog, blog, blah, blue, bling, blong, blang, ning, nong nang...OK, I'm on Nightshift, yes again. My tiny tiny mind has gone elsewhere as usual! I hope all have a preposterous new year!


Blogger Ben said...

The photos are teh coolness.

Good luck with the night shift cruddiness :P

9/1/06 23:50  
Anonymous jax said...

Nice peeping holes into reality! Thanks!

17/1/06 02:09  
Blogger Vaporizer said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

6/6/06 17:18  
Blogger Vaporizer said...

Love the awesome clarity of the pictures. Nice post on the "cries for help" also keep it up. Much love Vaporizer

6/6/06 17:20  

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