Sunday, August 20, 2006

Synchronous Mungo Meanderings

Life is very strange. At least I find my life very strange. I have been making plans to go to Mungo National Park soon for a bit of a sabbatical come photo-shoot/sketch trip and refreshing of my creative sensibilities (yes, I know, sounds a bit waffly and arty-farty but I'm hoping for all of the above) Not many people I had talked to seemed to know about it. Of course those who follow science, anthropology and archeology know it as the discovery site of the remains of the famous "Mungo Woman" and "Mungo Man" along with evidence of an ongoing indigenous culture spanning thousands of years before Europeans set foot on Australian soil. So I found it strange today when I mentioned it at work, one colleague said "Where's that?" and another picked up the travel section of "The Age" newspaper and said "Here" on the front page of that section, taking up half of the large format page, is a magnificent photograph of the moon over the sand dunes of "The Walls of China" at Mungo National Park - the very same image my wife and I were admiring online just a few days earlier after doing a google image search of the place.
So here is one of the major Melbourne newspapers with an article on the place I am planing on going to. I'm also informed that a recent"Royal Auto" had an article on the park as well. I wouldn't know because although I am a RACV member, they regularly stuff up my magazine deliveries.
I'm just hoping with this exposure the place isn't bustling with tourists (like me *heh*) by the time I get there, I was hoping for a bit of peace and quiet!


Anonymous Amy said...

It IS funny how things can sync up like that! (Even if you'd rather they not..he he) That park looks gorgeous! Hope that you do have a good rest and that your spirits and creativity are refreshed.
I'm finally coming out of hibernation with the warmer weather here! Yay!

p.s. Loved the film clip of the train/driving....really cool!

25/8/06 05:04  
Blogger PunkClown said...

LOL, thanks Amy, you must be like me...a lover of the warm weather. My mother always loved the Winter, I always thought she was bonkers! It must be said there is something about snuggling up warm in front of a fire with rain tapping on the tin roof that is nice...but not for too many months in a row!

Thanks for the feedback on my clips too...stay well and creative (I've seen your latest artwork, it looks GREAT! I just haven't had time to leave comments - apologies)
Cheers Amy, hopefully I'll be able to bring soime nice photos back from Mungo.

25/8/06 07:36  

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