Saturday, July 01, 2006


...don't I go to bed when I'm tired? It's stupid really. Is it because I know I have to work tomorrow and want to make the most of what is left of today? Make the most...that's funny. Is sitting in front of the computer straining my eyes really making the most of my day? Don't waste time...don't hesitate to answer emails either, especially if they are from someone nice, someone who means something to you.
Computer time...hmmmm...I should go to bed now and cuddle my wife, on the way give the children a kiss on their cute sleeping foreheads.
I'm going to do just that. Goodnight. Peace to all.


Anonymous Amy said...

I know how it is (as I type this it's going on 5am)!!!
Wonderful image of your wife and children..sweet and sleeping... glad you "woke up" and did the important action.
I'll heed the lesson..and tumble into bed now.
Take care Cam! Good to see some entries on the blog, and loving the photos, as always!

7/7/06 04:55  
Blogger PunkClown said...

Thanks Amy! 5 am!! To think that I considered myself a night owl! I hope you slept tight after posting this entry! It's nice to know you are still taking the time to visit this tired old blog every now and then. I always appreciate it. I hope you and yours are well. Things have been a bit hectic at the PunkClown ranch lately...Mother told me there would be days(years) like these!

24/7/06 09:57  

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