Sunday, November 12, 2006

Fancy yourself as a poet?

Here's my first effort (below) at, a clever concept created by Joseph Pearson a damn fine fellow...
Darn, I had to delete the link window as it opened up on a "parked" page. Joseph must be busy. I forgot to save my poem anywhere else too, but I'm sure it was damn good (ehem...)


Blogger kate loving shenk said...

i like this way of creating poetry--
thanks for this!!

here's a link to my weekly newsletter for nurses:


happy thanksgiving--

kate loving shenk

21/11/06 12:06  
Anonymous Amy said...

Thanks for the cool link, Cam! I'll have to try that when I have a moment.

Hope you are doing well. Just browsed through some of your recent photos. Love the duck in the cup, especially. Hee.

22/11/06 11:11  
Anonymous Amy said...

Just had to come back to say that the latest pictures of the beach, trippy city lights, the cars, the pool ladder and your girls are so beautiful! I can honestly say that you are my favorite photographer, Cam.

I was just thinking how much I love looking through our old family photos, and I know your girls will one day have the treasures of all those photos you've taken, with the added bonus of their true artistic merit.

8/12/06 19:57  

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