Tuesday, March 30, 2004


Morning Mist in the Forest ~ Photo Friday entry at aporealityCool! My second only submission to Photo Friday achieved a "noteworthy mention" for the Morning theme ~ wrapped I am...*grin*
Hi all btw, yes, I'm still here...sorry! I'm on one day off in a stretch of quite a few, and playing Mr. Mum whilst the good-looker is at work...hmmm (better check on the rugrats in a mo...)
Although apathy is a big problem, it really isn't what has prevented me from blogging on...Along with a few other projects, and things like errr...living, I have been busy preparing graphics and text and power point presentation (ughhh, pp would have to be a pet dislike of mine) stuff to give a bit of education on neurological assessment and care of unconscious patients to a Graduate Nurse group at my hospital (a word my father used to love pronouncing in a silly way so it came out sounding like "horse-piddle")....ummm...ok, more later, for now, go check out my noteworthy photo and leave some glowing comments *LOL*

Tuesday, March 23, 2004


Aw, thanks for checking in and saying something in the last couple of posts Amy, Bryn and Meg! I'm still in an apathetic state word-wise though...OMG! It just occured to me...could I have used up all my allocated words that were assigned to me at birth? (In which case are these bonus words I'm using now?) Ughh, see? I'm just being silly! I think I'll shut up for a bit...Love to all! P.S. Latest photo at left...click to go to photoblog...

Friday, March 19, 2004


...is a big problem, but who cares? Myahahahahaha! Uhhh...ahhhh...mmmm...sorry about that. Well, the Downes referrer linky thingy is down (no pun intended) and scant comments are left so I'm not sure if anyone (including yours truly) is interested in keeping up with the entries here at the moment (I'm sure this will be a fleeting feeling) In the meantime, I will be concentrating on the photoblog aporeality

Tuesday, March 16, 2004


Ok, just for (questionable) laughs...give this one a try. Here's the last entry in this blog (below) interpreted by The Jar-Jargonizer, but you can run any url through it...Thanks to Jana, my mad work friend for this one...
All night Mee-sa was hav'in weird dreams starr'in Qui-Gon Lee Skywalk-a in post apocalyptic saga where he seema to be "walk'in the land" so to speak, with some elements of Monty Python's Life of Brian thrown in...then the alarm goes BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP...Mee-sa start awake, swing my legs out of bed an' as my feet hit the floor, my right foot steps on someth'in fluffy an' Bantha starts trumpet'in at mee-sa! (Startl'in mee-sa tad to say the least...) "Bloody hell" Mee-sa mumble to my wife who by now squint'in at mee-sa through half awake eyes an' who starts giggl'in...between my dreams an' liv'in with our Jawas my life quite surreal at times. Which, Mee-sa suppose no necessarily bombad thing...
imprinta indelibly on your mind by @ 06:24 reply?

Monday, March 15, 2004


All night I was having weird dreams starring Tommy Lee Jones in a post apocalyptic saga where he seemed to be "walking the land" so to speak, with some elements of Monty Python's Life of Brian thrown in...then the alarm goes BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP...I start awake, swing my legs out of bed and as my feet hit the floor, my right foot steps on something fluffy and an Elephant starts trumpeting at me! (Startling me a tad to say the least...) "Bloody hell" I mumble to my wife who is by now squinting at me through half awake eyes and who starts giggling...between my dreams and living with our children my life is quite surreal at times. Which, I suppose is not necessarily a bad thing...

Sunday, March 14, 2004

The piano tuner takes a break...

The piano tuner takes a break
an old one, posted because I am at a loss for words tonight. A larger uncropped version of this photograph can be seen here

Friday, March 12, 2004

Happy Birthday Dad

It was my father's birthday today. Happy Birthday Dad, wherever you are, if you are anywhere at all beside a memory in the minds of those who knew you...you see, Charles George Stephen died over 10 years ago now...a good father, and a highly intelligent and funny man who taught me profound values of fairness and morality for want of a better word. He was a good human being. I love you Dad.
I went to the movies with a friend from work today to see "The Butterfly Effect" ~ to read more about my thoughts about the film go here...

Wednesday, March 10, 2004


Well, today I have mowed the lawn again and put up a new rain-gauge which I received for my birthday (one day after Dr. Suess' bd), and also managed to change the format of my photoblog exposure to match this page more. What I haven't done is any sketching for a while, which I regret, but I will get there, Im sure. I just keep finding myself wondering where all the time goes these days? I guess it just keeps slippin' slippin' slippin' into the future, as Steve Miller would tell us...

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Don't eat pebbles

A child was rushed into triage yesterday by her parents. They had been gardening and the child was playing happily nearby. Suddenly they heard the child gagging and chocking, and looking round saw that she had put something in her mouth and was swallowing it with some difficulty. She had been playing near a garden bed full of smooth washed river pebbles. On presentation to the department the child was not in distress, but the parents were. We reassured them and sent the child to X-Ray. The pebble can be clearly seen in the child's gut on the X-Ray (left). The usual intervention in these cases is conservative...wait for nature to take its course.

Sunday, March 07, 2004

Different photoblog site-thingy

Well, although I really liked the moveable type options, I have generated a new/different photoblog at a different site and listed it with photoblog.org. I also uploaded a few of my past "latest things" images that were specifically ermm, photographs, as well as some photographs I took in the past that some people may not have seen. I have called it exposure (continually changing my mind) aporeality. Hope to be able to update it and this blog regularly in the future, but I may be sporadic, as I have to prepare some lecture material on neurological observations, specifically the Glasgow Coma Scale and care of the unconscious patient for presentation (by yours truly) to some new grads early next month. What fun!
addit: Thanks heaps to Melissa from Butterfly Teeth who gave me feedback on the photos, I'm not sure why Haloscan ate that reply, I am seeing an SQL error message, but I retrieved your message from the haloscan site:
AWESOME photos!!!!!

Why, thank you Melissa! *grin*

Friday, March 05, 2004

Chooks Blogs Photographs

Ah...I finally finished upgrading the chook-shed this afternoon, ready for our new chickens to arrive any day now. I also got a new photoblog up and running. It only has two entries so far, but it's a concept! Unfortunately Photoblogs.org wouldn't let me add it to their list, as there is already someone different using mblog for their photoblog, and Photoblogs.org's form wouldn't recognize a different http://mblog.com/*name here* as actually being a separate weblog that has photos from the other dude who uses mblog for his blog that also has photos! Oh well, I've let them know, hopefully they can work something out, 'tis a minor matter in the grand scheme of things!...Argghhh, work tomorrow morning, must go to bed.

Has it been 5 days since my last entry? Oh dear...and I still haven't fixed the chook shed. Thanks to those who left comments on my last entry, assuring me I'm not "full of it" I continue to have my doubts however...*grin*