Sunday, August 31, 2003


Sunday afternoon: Patients have been trickling in - gradually sometimes, then all at once at other times, as they do. At some stages the queue of people at the window is 5-6 long. My colleague Rebecca wants to redirect this screen to yahoo for the purpose of checking her mail, so I will indulge her being the great bloke that I am...more later...logging off!
Later: OK, she has satisfied her desire to read fowarded jokes from her friends and has left for her area. I have just taken a smoke inhalation victim through for her tender ministrations. Not much traffic again now...we don't mention the "Q" word as ED nurses are a superstitious bunch who believe that uttering the "Q" word will immediately bring hordes of patients and ambulances to our doors...I am now looking across the waiting room at a sweet rosy cheeked 4-year old with a bit of a temperature, but she's not distressed with it, so that is a good sign. She was yawning all through my assessment of her and I think the condition has been transmi....break break
~ well it is 3/24 later now, and I am at home. I was going to say that the yawning contagion was caught by me, but it suddenly got busy at that very moment, no time to type (or yawn)...funny old thing triage...oh well. I'm home, I'm going to bed and i'm going back to work in approximately 7 & 1/2 hours time, so I hope I sleep ok tonight...

Saturday, August 30, 2003


are appearing everywhere! Excellent. And I have rediscovered blue sky and my prediliction for it (with a few puffy clouds of course) In reality I can't see anything like blue skies at the moment because it is dark - being just after midnight as it is...having said that, I did see blue sky earlier today....and for tomorrows weather

Thursday, August 28, 2003


PunkClown Daze isn't appearing in my browser...but the edit page is. Thus I am typing in this entry wondering if it will ever be read. Oh well, the mysteries and vagaries of the internet! Spring is definitely arond the corner, the blossoms are appearing on all the blossom trees. Wonder when I will start to sneeze?


is at its closest for 60,000 years today (or yesterday...or a few hours is insignificant in the whole astronomical time-scale scheme of things really) It can discomboobulate your brain cells thinking about timescales like that...I have enough trouble thinking about when tea-time time tends to distort my temporal perceptions, causing great frustration for she-who-must-be-obeyed...and necessitating her to raise her voice to summon me for meals. What were we talking about? Oh well, it doesn't matter. I must go to bed...

Monday, August 25, 2003

I am bloody tired...

this winter is hitting everyone hard. There has been a nasty nasty virus making the rounds that has affected a lot of people from all age groups, so we have seen more respiratory ailments than normal. Relatively young (30's, 40's) people coming in with pnuemonia and the like...exacerbated asthma from upper respiratory infections, snuffly crook babes. So the turnover through the department is high. Adding to this problem is the fact that medical and nursing staff are vulnerable to these ailments also - after all, cut us, do we not bleed? Just about every shift is one or two staff members down and it is not always easy to procure replacements...
So, I'm bloody tired, and a bit bloody too I think, at least my shirt is...the last IV I put in was a real bleeder (it doesn't help that I accidently released pressure on the end of the cannula in the process of getting blood for pathology from it) Enough ramblings. I hope anyone and all who may accidently be reading this are healthy and happy.

Monday Monday...

tried to sleep in but children did not let us...Oh, for some uninterrupted sleep! Ha! Not likely old will go and reproduce knowing the dangers inherent in such a decision! Lalalalalalala la la... Last night my Sis-In-Law and her fella came back home from Ireland and Europe. The power was out at my wife's parents so we were celebrating by candle and gas-light. It was like camping, fun and peaceful too, because Mal couldn't play us the Chad Morgan tape he had planned for background music! They announced their engagement, and we all ate a wonderful repast. As usual I ate too much, so more exercise for me I think!

Sunday, August 24, 2003


Quiet to start with...then the pace picks up at around 1000hrs. How many people can come in with D & V on a Sunday morning? Quite a few it would seem! Later on, it became obvious to me that this was a Renal colic day. Strangely, cases in ED tend to arrive in specific patterns ~ not a mixture of different diagnoses each day, but different pathologies of the day for each day, if that makes sense...If it was a case of many food poisonings presenting the next day comprised of locals who had eaten at a dodgy local retaurant, that would be understandable...but 6 cases of fractured left thumb all in the space of one morning? Or three different people all falling from three different ladders in three different locations and lacerating their scalp in the same place in one day? It's just plain weird sometimes! Anyhow, today there seemed to be a lot of kidney stones floating about (or more accurately getting lodged in ureters and occasionally passing):-)>

Friday, August 22, 2003

Lots of young ones

...through the department today. Initially the afternoon started off with a five year old boy who had a febrile convulsion when his Mum popped him in the bath, much to her consternation. He had had one in the past so she sort of knew what was going on...A febrile convulsion by the way, is usually triggered by a rapid rise in temperature rather than a high temperature itself...the child was quite alright post convulsion, slept it off for a bit and was alert and active, not distressed at all when roused. He was reviewed by one of the senior medical staff and discharged, only to return through the doors 2 minutes later having another convulsion. We kept him in for an overnight stay this time....
Then there was a two year old curly headed girl who was cute as a button, but wasn't moving her left arm at all...diagnosis: pulled elbow - a simple manipulation and she was right as rain, waving both hands in the air like she just dont care.
Next we had an 11 year old with appendicitis. He was a brave lad and very interested in the IV and tests and so forth. He found great amusement in making the pulse oximetery graph tracing wiggle about by wiggling his finger. He was prepped for theatre; nil orally, IV fluids up etc.
Just before my shift was up a thirteen year old boy came in via ambulance with full thickness and partial thickness burns to both his legs and thighs, he and some mates had been playing with petrol and a cigarette lighter...*sigh*

Apre work: Shit

Damn...crap day, every patient had inaccesible veins, everything was complex, people were going hypoxic and ripping their IV's out, blood everywhere, cats & dogs living together, seeemingly end of the world as we know it stuff (well, not really) etc etc and to top it off, when I come home, my missus informs me that according to the MIMs companion my abnormal blood results relating to my Liver function (GGT) could possibly indicate pancreatitis, hepatitis or a tumour...I mean that's bound to cheer me up. Then again, it could be years of exposure to differing pharmacuetical preparations, antibiotics and such like in my job that could be throwing these levels out. Then I get sworn at because I have a bit of a whinge about the eldest wetting her bed...poor poppet. I know I'm a complainer sometimes, I really try not to be, I'm just tired after a shit day at work and a bit concerned regarding my liver, which I never abused with alcohol, so why is it being naughty? I'm glad Mrs. P.C. loves me and puts up with me anyhow...I'll try and look on the bright side a bit...and start a "liver cleansing" diet! Ah well...There's always tomorrow anyway....:-)>

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Chainsaw song...

in the background. One thing about winter is the continual growl/scream of 2-stroke cutting devices going on any given day. Hmmmm, internal combustion, I wonder what the world would have been like if we had developed a different prime engine for driving things. Would there be as much pollution, would there have been as much conflict as that caused by oil? I bet life might have been a bit quieter! Anyway...on to other things...
The cubbyhouse is well on it's way, I have taken advantage of the good weather to progress with it's construction apace. Apart from the input from the eventual owners of the structure ("The cat flap should be there...ohh and put the window here"...etc etc) it has gone relatively smoothly. Mrs PC and I went to the movies last night and saw Identity with John Cusack & Ray Liotta among others. An interesting film, but I question some of the psychoanalytic principles & processes that is espoused in the processs of unravelling the plot. But I wont reveal anymore, except that it was moderately entertaining...I'll give it 3*** (out of 5) which in my personal reviewing parlance means you can wait until DVD release...and then perhaps on half-price night.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003


"...looks like a big halogen lamp in the sky" according to Marilyn, one of our family friends...and you know, she's kind of right. It's certainly BIG and red! I set up the Telescope for the first time in a while tonight, and had a look...even though Mars is larger, being closer to the Earth than it has been for oh...60,000 years, give or take a few...I still don't have the resolution (read ~ my telescope just isn't a big enough light-bucket) to resolve many features at all...Jupiter & Saturn are still my all time favourite planets to look at...and when they aren't around there's always the Jewel Box, Eta Carinae and the myriad other wonders in the sky to see. Absolutely wonderful stuff really. It's still bloody cold out there however! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. The good looking one came out and had a peek and then headed inside. I myself am not far away from the warmth of the bedroom and bed.

The cubby house

is still under construction. Thankfully it has been a fine day for #first: going to my Mother's house to retrieve a decrepit "Mirror" sailing dinghy that my Father-In-Law's friend wants to use to paddle around his dam as well as #second: picking up some firewood to go on the trailer under the boat while we were there and #thirdly: to come home offload this stuff, have some lunch and do a bit of carpentry (amatuer) on the cubby house. Simple tasks for a simple mind to produce simple satisfaction.

24 Hour Party

People...very interesting and quite funny movie. Just watched it with the better half. Anyone interested in the likes of bands like Joy Division and Happy Mondays should check it out...probably have already. Totally MAD. Oh well, it's nearly 0100hrs and I should go to bed...playing around with the template and stuff still. Trying to get rid of the ad uber alles, but the subscription server is having maintenance or a cuppa or something...hrrrmmm
Off to get some more firewood tomorrow with Malcolm. Better get some sleep...later or L8R if I wanted to be cool, but we all know I'm not...

Monday, August 18, 2003

I would...

work on the cubby if it didn't keep pouring down every 15 minutes! You just get ready to power-up the circular saw and the bloody rain starts. Inbetween times (just after you climb out of your workclothes) the sun comes out to lul you into a sense of false think..."oh, ok...I'll get changed again..." So you put down your coffee, get changed, put your head out the door...and then...! NOT that I'm whinging mind you! Me? Never!
(Later that same day...)
Hey! What do you stopped raining for a whole 45 minutes. Long enough for me to pop a couple of supporting beams up to take the studs that will be part of the front wall of the cubby! YipYipYipeee!

What's It All About...

Alfie? Mrs. PunkClown is playing this piece on the piano as I type. I remember Dad used to sing that often as he pottered around the doubt asking himself the very question the song poses. He had rather eclectic tastes in music, from Nana Maskouri to Herb Alpert to Pink Floyd ("The Wall" was one of his favourite albums) ~ I don't think he ever quite came around to liking my personal tastes like Frank Zappa & Captain Beefheart however...*grin*
The temperature is chilly, but if I can overcome my apathy I may attempt to warm myself by working on the children's cubbyhouse, which is semi-started...

Sunday, August 17, 2003


was busy but extremely interesting. We had a lady who had a serum potassium that was dangerously complicate matters she had paranoid ideation that we were out to kill her. She was really very sweet, but was totally out of her doubt due to her profound electrolyte imbalance. Whilst talking with other patients behind the almost-useless-for-privacy-curtains, she would repeat everything that was said in the conversation, often adding embellishments of her own, such as "oh yes, now that's a good plan" or "and they think that will work? Hmmm..." If she had not been so ill it would have been quite funny...she would also make a running commentary on everything going on in the area. As her electrolytes stabilise, the delusional state she was suffering from should abate, and she will behave in a more appropriate way ~ hopefully. I may find out tomorrow, as there are no beds available on the wards so there will be a backlog of patients needing admission...which means the ED basically becomes a "holding ward"

Saturday, August 16, 2003

It was Cold!

I knew it was cold last night. I woke up this morning and the birdbath was frozen over! Brrrrrr! I went outside to photograph the frozen birdbath and the frost on the branches of our weeping cherry. Soon the sun came out and steam started rising from everything that was damp from the overnight icing & moisture...all very beautiful.


The sky is/was quite clear tonight for a change...the waning moon looking down from the east, and this bright planet, quite visibly red, slightly higher in the sky, chasing the constellations westward (or at least appearing to as we revolve contrawise) If only it wasn't so BLOODY COLD - I'm a wimp, I know, but i would get my telescope out but for the ambient temperature outside at the moment...I'll have to invest in some new thermals...
But cold air makes for crisp viewing, provided the cloud cover is light/ I wont complain. Ah well, off to bed for me...

Friday, August 15, 2003

Oh Dear...

I fear I may be sucuumbing to blog-addiction. I have been spending a lot of my time recently reading random blogs. I suppose it may have something to do with the inclement weather. When the sun is out I do feel more motivated to work in the garden and go for walks etc. BUT! I do have other things to do, what if all this blogbrowsing is just another procrastination ploy? So ~ I must give myself a reality check from time to time! back to reading some more blogs...

Thursday, August 14, 2003


now that I have started this blogging thing, I think I have learnt more cool things re: HTML and so forth since I first forced myself to learn web coding initially 2 years ago (I figured that seeing as I was paying for the 10 mb space my ISP provided with my connection plan I may as well use it)...anyway I stumbled across Australian Gothic Beauty a new blog just started, and blatantly copied the fading effect they included in their code for that blog...I always try to learn from my betters by example and "view source" is one of the best ways to learn...I hope Dejavue doesn't mind, and btw ~ I think your text (at Australian Gothic) is much easier to read now thanks!

Well now I'm cheerful!

Just watched Catalyst and it was all about how the end of the world as we know it could be just around the corner due to an errant meteor or comet colliding with us. I already knew this was a possibility, being a bit of a space-nut, but had blissfully forgotten about it for a bit...oh well, back to worrying!

Good Morning Sunshine...

Hey! What do you know, the SUN is shining! And the Father-In-Law with the mostest is over to look after the rugrats, Yay! The better half and I may go out for a bit...amazing - me, away from the computer!

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Rain and Rain...

Rain is good, too little is is and has been raining. I do like to see blue sky every now and then however...or at least some interesting clouds, not just a bland grey sky. OK, I'm whinging...sorry. I would also like to see if I could catch a glipse of the Perseids meteor showers , but I don't think this is going to be a happening thing! Thank you to Kathy for visiting my site and leaving a message in my guestbook, I really appreciate it.


Good Night.... :-)>

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

The Day the Duck Blocked The Toilet....(with my Elderly Aunt's help)

Flashback to 2 months Mother brings my Aunt to visit...first thing she does is go to the toilet. My better half has a prediliction for blue toilet water. (stay with me, it all ties together) I don't know how this became marketable, but someone, somewhere obviously cottoned on to the fact that there was a consumer desire for coloured toilet really escapes me's not as if your shit is going to look any better against a blue backdrop...oh well...
Anyway! There's this thing called a "toilet duck" which hangs over the rim of the toilet and whenever a flush is performed it colours the water blue. HOWEVER ~ on this particular occasion, the plastic doover that holds it on the rim broke and the device must have been flushed into the become firmly lodged somewhere...later in the day the toilet became terminally blocked...thanks to a visiting Aunt and a useless plastic device! Needless to say, my advice to anyone who has one of these hanging on the rim of their dunny is to get rid of it, stat! Many hours of plumbing and a new toilet later...and finally we had a working toilet back....*sigh* I'm still waiting on the plumber's doubt I'll have to sell my car, or my first born or something...

Hello Ry!

Don't know if he'll visit, but a message to my mad Canadian friend if he does...BOOO YAAAHHHH ~ he's always saying that, I have no idea what it is meant to mean but I guess that's because I'm too old and uncool (or because I'm Australian...I dunno)
Wazzup Ry...hope you are having fun making music and stuff. The kids are screaming and Jane has to go to Piano lessons in a sec so I have to sign off and supervise the children as they have truly gone FERAL at the moment...

Monday, August 11, 2003

Constant Day, but nothing really exciting or interesting...

to engage any real passion for the work...just tasks to do rather than real challenges for the brain or anything to engage your skills. I think days like these can be tiring, as in you are exhausted by "ordinariness" I have no idea how people in different jobs deal with situations like this...I feel fortunate in nursing as each day there are different challenges to face, most times, anyway.

Sunday, August 10, 2003

Beads in the ear...

little girl just came into the department with some plastic beads in both ears...posting them there for a later date no doubt. Foreign objects in the ears, nose or other places are quite a common occurence...more later, back to work for me!

Good Cold Morning

I'm still crook (sick) but can't stay away from work for too long (can't afford to *hehehe*) So coughing and spluttering like some old clapped-out automobile, I drag myself out of my nice warm bed to go to work again. I think it's a week since I started this journal, and one of the first entries had me coming into work for an early shift...hmmmm, déjà vu!
...hmmmm, déjà vu!
...hmmmm, déjà vu!
OK that one got tired real quick! Off to work now....need more coffee, need more coffee

Saturday, August 09, 2003

Latest Image ~ (Agapantha)

I have decided to introduce a new feature into my template, the "Latest Image" which will be one of my recent photographs, sketches, paintings or digital artworks that I pop up...this image, taken by yours truly is a close-up of an Agapantha plant, past it's flowering stage (ie a dead-head) I hope you like it. Of course having said that, I just realised that when I change this image to an updated one (hopefully, not too intermittently, if I keep to some kind of schedule) the image above won't be of the I will provide a link for older images.

Finely Tuned...

The piano is now finely tuned and the action feels so smooooooth...The poor tuner, (Hi Ian!) worked very thoroughly through most of his Saturday to get it just right, and it shows. The old 88 is working perfectly now. I wish I could say the same for my body & mind...oh well!

The Piano Man

Sing us a song...the piano tuner is here! With the insides of our piano! Oh Joy! Oh bliss! Oh Tonal perfection!

Friday, August 08, 2003

Message Board Thingy - addit

I now have included a message board thingy for any feedback you may wish to leave. It's to the right, under the links...*actually I have taken it down again, as it is not functioning at the moment (15th of August) Also I doubt if anyone will use it...there is the comments option under each thread if people want to make fun of me...
I am sick today. Had some blood tests (weird having this done to me, rather than doing unto another) and had my chest listened to. I think I shall survive a few more years yet..."you just need to rest" ...oh well, maybe in another lifetime I can rest!

It's coming at us ya know...

but will it know to stop? I'm talking about Mars...and it's impending opposition...I like astronomy and i like planetary astronomy. It was my first glipse of Saturn's rings through my little 2" telescope when I was knee-high to a grasshopper that hooked me into amatuer astronomy in the first place. Anyway, I have started a new blog devoted to astronomical things, starting off with Mars, but eventually covering a wide variety of topics related to astronomy, hopefully...check it out ~ I already have put a few really cool links there!

Thursday, August 07, 2003

Chopping Wood...

warms you up so much that you feel you don't need to light the fire after all! You never miss your water until you're dry, and I'm always right except when I'm wrong...These and other strange paradoxes of life will be addressed in due course, maybe...I did say originally that I was going to retrospectively fill you in, dear reader, on the events that happened inbetween my last old diary entry on my site ~ see old archives --> and the brand new blogger blog...errr diary. Well I will, soon...probably starting with the tale of how Aunt Lorna blew up the toilet. Yes, that's worth telling, I think...stay tuned! Of course the "dear reader" may well turn out to be just little old me, but hey, this sort of thing (blogging) is the diary of the now these days isn't it? (I just choose to make mine publicly visible in case anyone ever stumbles upon it),
Cheers! :-)>

HOT PORRIDGE: Good Morning.

The butcherbird is singing, the kids are yelling, the sun is shining and the the porridge is hot. What more could one ask for. Each day I count my blessings as to how lucky I really am....enough of that though. If you want to hear more bird calls with some ornithological information as well go here! Have an auspicious day!

Wednesday, August 06, 2003


Nice day on and off, blue skies occasionally. Snapped this devil (a male Sulphur Crested Cockatoo) on our telephone wire. Apparently male Cockies have white rims around their eyes and females have red there you go!
Ate too much sticky bun today...the idulgence of it all. (We had visitors)

Home: Sun-shower...

I like sun-showers. The sunshine illuminates each raindrop as it falls. It's like nature's exhibiting a kinetic light sculpture happening...very pretty. We had one this morning, anyway. I have coffee again. The future is so bright, I gotta wear shades!

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Op Art: Flash Experiment (after Bridget Riley)

Something I created in Flash inspired by Bridget Riley's Op Art work "Crest" (1964) You can see other flash experiments on my site if you are interested...btw ~ you have to "mouse down" on the piece to get the full effect, move the mouse while you button down as well if you like. Releasing the mouse stops & resets the swf.

What day is it?

Ohhh...It's Tuesday isn't it? Is it? What planet am I on?

Home: Cold Morning, waiting for spring...

The daphne is blooming in the backyard, very nice scent. The wattles are starting to show some yellow...soon the cherry blossoms will be appearing. It is still chilly in the mornings however. The good-looking one has gone to her parents to practice the piano there. (Ours still isn't back) It is quiet and peaceful. The only drama I have is that I have run out of coffee! OMG, will my neurons be able to fire wiithout the stimulant they have grown accostomed to?

Home: VERY Early morning...cold....

Here (at left) is an image of the little blighter. It has actually quietened down a bit, perhaps it doesn't want to be put out to pasture just yet...oh well. It has served me well so far. You don't think i'm anthropomorphising my hardware too much do you?

Monday, August 04, 2003

At Home: CPU Fan is screaming...

at me. Very irritating noise, but I suppose it has been going round on heavy rotation for quite a few revolutions since I first bought this computer...don't cry fan, you may be retired soon, and be able to sun yourself on the beach... as a bigger fan (attached of course to a faster CPU) may take your place...just as soon as I find the money...

One hour to go, or thereabouts...

One hour before I can head home. Aspirations, Chest Pain, Shortness of Breath and Collapses for investigation. Two aspiration pnuemonia's from PEG (Percutaneous Epigastric Feed) tubes via ambulance in 4 hours. Very strange to have two very similar presentations within such a short space of time. More later. Got locked IN the carpark this morning. The card-reader wouldn't read my pass-card...weirdness surrounds us and engulfs us.

Sunday, August 03, 2003

At Home: Evening.

I hate it when I'm right. It got really busy almost as soon as I logged off from my last message. Well, I'm not complaining about that, after all that's what I'm paid for...I'm just tired now, that's all. The afternoon was fine though, with the sun out and blue skies when I got home, wind factor was up from the north however, so I was concerned when the wife wanted to get on the roof to hammer in some wayward roofing nails and get to work with the weatherproof sealant. She's like that, the love. Thankfully she didn't blow off. Going upstairs to watch Ronin on video now.

From Work (again)

Well popped my first I.V. in for the day. Guage #20 (a nice pink one) Pathology taken, flushed and patent. One of my fellow staff member's just walked past, noting I was on the computer again and asked "What are you doing?" ahahaha ha ha....obviously not working too hard...yet. That will change, believe me, people just haven't woken up yet (or they're at church)...give it time.

Well, publishing from work now. Not in Triage. Had a couple of more coffees. I say to myself "This is the life"

At Home: Early Morning

And now to try something different...I'm just seeing if the blog accepts swf's. If you have flash player, you will be able to see something to the right and somewhat below this text, and play around with it with your mouse. If you don't have the flash player on your machine, you will probably just see a white square. Either option is good for about 2 seconds of amusement...

Good morning. I have just arisen for a 1A which in my parlance means too bloody early for me. It's amazing I can see the computer screen to type this in as my eyes feel like they would resemble two piss-holes in the snow. Charming, yes I know...It's too early for me to be polite. I wonder if I'll get to work Triage today. It's Sunday, so it's a possibility. Perhaps 30% of the cases coming through the door are genuinely crook, and benefit from a bit of treatment/and/or investigation into what ails them. The other 70% (is it really that much, am I being too early-morning-cynical? I shall ask some of my comrades-in-broken-arms today) are what? ~ I don't know...bored? Lonely? That other "L" word...?
"My brain is falling into my neck" Hmmmm....
"I've been thirsty for 2 years" I liked the response that one got..."Have you tried having a drink sir?"
"My baby is restless, grizzles and won't sleep"
- HELLO, It's a BABY...didn't anyone hand out trouble-shooting references when these people popped out their progeny? Look under "normal behaviour" (Of course I do not say these things out loud, the parents are usually first timers, sleep-deprived and of course, genuinely concerned)
Let's see...oh yes one of my favourites: "I've just been bitten by something & I think I'm having an anafellatio (sic) reaction!"

Well, time for another coffee I think, before I have to think about moving out the door! I will transcribe some more reasons people choose to spend up to 3 hours of their time in our waiting room on a nice sunny day soon...perhas devote a whole page to it. As the man said in that TV cop-show, "Take care out there!" :-)>

Saturday, August 02, 2003

Late night: Home.

Testing an image src to "C" if it works:

Hmmmm. Well there you go, it does. The image in question shows part of a defibrillator, monophasic. Has been superceded now by a nifty new biphasic one.
Confused? So am I a lot of the time! :-)>

Wonderful, it finally works! Thank you blogspot. Funnily enough, not one, but TWO power-outages occured tonight while I was attempting to set this up. Amazing my drive didn't eat itself....TOUCHWOOD!...must invest in a UPS at some stage....bloody privatised electricity companies...grrrr. Anyway the wife is practicing her piano lessons on a tinny electronic keyboard as the old upright's works are away having a major refurbish. Boy will I be glad to have the piano back working...the sound of this keyboard...arrrgghhh! (It's broken so you can only get really cheap tones out of it that sound like those novelty casio keyboards the size of a pencil box from the 80's) :-(>
I wonder what I was doing wrong with the ftp thing...oh well, I may never know. I will just link to here from my site for the diary thing...L8TR! While I'm at it I'll change the template a tad (hope I don't break it) to point back the other way.

Changed the hosting to blogspot...

Friday, August 01, 2003

Not Getting It Up (The Blog)...(and getting a bit frustrated)


What? I really don't know!


Wondering if it's working...

I'm not sure if this is working or not, the blogger site is telling me publishing is in seems to be connecting to something - the status bar keeps showing "opening page" etc. etc. clicking,clicking clicking away, but it has been doing that for ages now! Hmmmmm....maybe I have stuffed up something. Probability factor: HIGHLY LIKELY

Entering the BRAVE NEW WORLD of Blogger.

New weblog. So busy lately with absurd life events that I thought this might be better than my old diaries. I shall see. I will update the latest (3 months worth of news) retrospectively and in installments soon, maybe.